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Saints in Coffee Jars

Saints in Coffee Jars Exhibition - Pūmanawa Gallery, The Arts Centre, Christchurch

The following information on this fabulous upcoming exhibition has been shared by Triona Doocey - Archivist for the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. Please contact Triona with any questions -

'Saints in Coffee Jars' exhibition will run from 6 - 10 February 2024, at the Pūmanawa Gallery, The Arts Centre (Montreal St end of the Arts Centre Complex). Join us on a captivating journey through time as we uncover the secrets buried beneath the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. 

'Saints in Coffee Jars' will spark your curiosity and introduce you to the fascinating world of relics. Explore the rich history of relics, spanning over two millennia, and understand their significant impact on our culture and faith.

Discover how Bishop Grimes SM assembled his collection of relics to shape his vision for a new Catholic society in the southern hemisphere.

'Saints in Coffee Jars' promises to be a remarkable journey through history and faith. See you there!!