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Code of Ethics

ARANZ Code of Ethics


The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to set out the standards of professional behaviour expected of institutions, archivists, records managers, researchers and those occupied in related recordkeeping activities, who are members of the Archives & Records Association of New Zealand. The Code lays out some basic principles to guide members and help them maintain a standard of professional behaviour when working with, or researching, records.
Code of Ethics

  • Approved by Council at the meeting of 11 August 2005; by the membership at the Annual General Meeting of 25 August 2006.
  • Members will promote the aims and objectives of the Archives & Records Association of New Zealand and abide by its Constitution.
  • Members will not purport to represent the Association or its views without explicit authorisation from Council.
  • Members of the Association will conduct themselves professionally and in such a way so as not to bring disrepute upon the Association.
  • Members will at all times adhere to accepted recordkeeping principles.
  • Members will at all times adhere to accepted principles of privacy, commercial sensitivity and national security. By this members must not abuse, allow unauthorised disclosure, or use, of any information acquired by them during the course of their professional work or research.
  • Members will not discriminate in their dealings with individuals or organisations on the grounds of gender, race, colour, creed, ethnic origin or nationality, disabilities, sexual preferences, marital status and age.
  • Members are required to maintain the integrity of the records in their care balancing the rights and interests of employers, owners, subjects and users, both in the present and in the future.
  • Members will endeavour to promote the care, preservation and use of archives and records.
  • Members will, where applicable, meet accepted standards of professional competence in the administration and preservation of archives and records.
  • Members will, where applicable, encourage professional education and training, and participate in the mentoring or training of archivists, records keepers, curators, librarians and others.