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Recordkeeping Legislation

Records must be compliant with the NZ regulatory and accountability environment. In effect most NZ legislation has implications for the keeping of records in the general course of business. Some Acts specify that certain records must be brought into existence and retained for specified periods. Others specify the form or other matters related to the keeping of records.

Where records may need to be produced in court, they must be captured and maintained in a form that meets the legal requirements of reliable evidence. This is particularly relevant to electronic records and records captured into a document imaging system. 

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Please note: Although every care has been taken with the preparation of this material, it is not an exhaustive list by any means. If you would like to submit new or updated information for this page regarding these Acts or any other New Zealand legislation with a recordkeeping implication please contact the ARANZ Webmaster. Thanks to Pauline Porteous who donated the document that forms the basis of this resource page.