• September 4, 2020

Future of the Community Archive Survey

This survey seeks input from all stakeholders as to whether there is sufficient desire for the redevelopment and maintenance of a future national register of the archives and manuscript holdings of New Zealand institutions.

Four Key Points:
  1. The Community Archive began in 1954 as the Union Catalogue of New Zealand and Pacific Manuscripts, maintained by the Alexander Turnbull Library.

  2. A partnership between the Alexander Turnbull Library and the then National Archives saw the production of hard copy volumes of NRAM from the 1970s.

  3. It was picked up with additional funding by Archives New Zealand in 2004, and relaunched in 2009 in digitized form.

  4. In May 2020 Archives New Zealand announced the closure of the site.

To read more about the survey, the rationale behind it and to participate please visit: