• August 13, 2020

Postal ballot to modernise voting method for ARANZ constitution changes

Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2020

In mid August 2020, ARANZ remembers will receive a postal ballot. Currently, in order to change any aspect of the ARANZ Constitution, a postal ballot is required. This is a costly process and not an environmentally friendly way to seek approval for change. We want to streamline and modernise so that our members can make the most of available technologies to vote in future ballots. 

Constitution change requires two thirds of the membership to approve the change. So, if you do not return this postal ballot, it is the same as voting ‘No/Against’. We encourage all members to vote and vote ‘Yes/For’ for change.

At the Council meeting of 13 July 2020, Council approved the following proposed motions to change the Association’s rules and for these to be presented to the membership for postal ballot voting. The results of this postal ballot will be announced at the AGM to be held at the Hocken Library, Dunedin on Friday 25 September 2020.

Current Constitution articles 20-21:

20. No alteration to the Constitution shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting.
Notice of proposed alteration shall be received by the Secretary in the form of a motion or
motions sixty (60) days before the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall circulate
notice of meeting and such motions, together with relevant ballot papers to those in
membership of the Association thirty (30) days before the Annual General Meeting.

21. No alteration to the Constitution shall be carried into effect unless two-thirds of those
entitled to vote and voting by postal ballot, shall vote in favour the results to be declared at
the Annual General Meeting next held. A simply majority of those present and voting by
voice or by show of hands shall suffice to carry any other motion at a General Meeting
except that by resolution of a General Meeting or of Council, a matter may be determined
by postal ballot to be held prior to any General Meeting, the result to be declared at that

We propose to shift all aspects of changing Constitution to Article 20 and change Article 21 to just deal with general motions (i.e not Constitution changes)

Proposed Articles 20-21

20. This Constitution may be altered, added to or rescinded at any Annual General Meeting or
Special General Meeting subject to the following conditions:
a. Notice of proposed alteration of the Constitution shall be communicated to each Member
entitled to receive notices under this Constitution, thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting
at which such alteration or addition is to be considered.
b. No alteration, addition or revision to the Constitution shall be carried into effect unless it is
carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the votes cast for and against such resolution, at
such meeting by members entitled to vote. Voting can be in person, by proxy, by attendance and
voting virtually through technology or by other voting means available as a result of electronic

21. Other meeting motions, that do not change the Constitution, shall be carried by a simple
majority of those present (physically or virtually) and voting by voice, by show of hands or
communication via electronic technology.

We will publish a micro site shortly to track the progress of the ballot. If you haven't received your ballot by Friday 21 August, please contact us as your details may be out of date.