• November 1, 2019

The Ian McLean Wards Scholarship

Application Form

Background Info

The Ian McLean Wards Scholarship seeks to assist researchers and practitioners in the librarianship, archives and records management fields to undertake a specific project advancing knowledge or improving practice relating to the recording, care, or conservation, of historical research materials. The primary purpose of the scholarship is to defray research expenses. In general, it is not intended to support post-graduate study, although particularly appropriate proposals may be considered.

The general terms under which the scholarship will be awarded are set out in the accompanying flyer, and are also available from the Secretary of the Ian McLean Wards Memorial Trust (info@e-recordkeeping.com).

The value of the scholarship in 2019 (to be taken in 2020) is likely to be $10,000.

Application Format

Applicants should submit:

  • a 2-4 page proposal outlining the proposed programme of research, together with a timeline indicating significant milestones and a provisional budget;
  • a curriculum vitae clearly outlining educational/professional qualifications, skills, and background;
  • the names of two referees who may be contacted for confidential comment on the applicant and the project.


Applications for 2019 will close on Friday 13 December 2019, and should be addressed to:


                        Ian McLean Wards Memorial Trust

                        PO Box 12-036


Email applications should be addressed to info@e-recordkeeping.com