Election of ARANZ Council Members

The Council consists of a quorum of six members; there is a President, no more than two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and seven Councillors. The term of office is for a maximum of three years and commences from the date of the Annual General Meeting. The Council meets at least three times a year.

The Council is elected at each Annual General Meeting.

Only ordinary (personal) financial members of the Association are eligible to stand for the election and they may be proposed and seconded by any financial member. Nominations must be in writing and be accompanied by the candidate's written consent.

Council Nomination Form (PDF)


2019-2020 ARANZ Council

The new Council was elected at the ARANZ AGM held in Wellington on 23 September 2019.


Eric Boamah


Susan Hanham


Tiena Jordan

Ex Officio - Find & Connect

Belinda Battley

Council Member, Webmaster, Social Media - Facebook

Sean Connelly

Council Member, ALERT Editor, Social Media - Twitter

Nina Whittaker

Co vice president

Kathleen Stringer

Council Member

Evan Greensides

Council Member

Stephen Innes

Council Member

Catherine Barriga

Ex Officio - Archifacts Editor

Jessica Moran

Ex Officio - Membership Secretary

Chris Meech