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  1. To encourage collaboration between collecting archivists on issues of common interest.
  2. To promote the value of collecting archives within the wider archives, records, museum, library and other organisational structures in which collecting archivists work.
  3. To raise awareness of the value of private papers and the archives of non-official organisations.
  4. To organise a Collecting Archives SIG meeting at the annual ARANZ conferences, and to encourage other activities likely to further aims (1), (2) and (3).

Minutes of the Collecting Archives SIG

Collecting Archivists SIG – Wiki

Two suggestions from the 2008 Collecting Archives SIG meeting was the desire for members to have a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, and a mechanism for the sharing of documents. A Collecting Archives SIG wiki has been created to offer members a forum for discussion in the online environment. This wiki is also being trailed as an online repository for members only. Once a web page on the wiki has been created, documents can be uploaded as attachments. It is hoped this will create a document bank that all members can share.

We are using an external hosted service initially, to gauge the level of interest and participation. If the Wiki proves popular we can consider an internally hosted option further down the track. Further information on how to use and participate in the Wiki is available via the ‘welcome page’ once you join up.

To join the Collecting Archivists Wiki please click here

The current administrator of the wiki is Jeff Palmer, University Library Archivist, University of Canterbury, Christchurch. To become a member and access the Wiki please e-mail Jeff.

Collecting Archivists SIG – Email list

Some members of the SIG are unable to access the Internet through their work environment. In light of this an email distribution list has been created whereby members can disseminate ideas and content.

Useful resources


The current convener of the SIG is Diane Woods, Field Librarian, Alexander Turnbull Library

Social Media

Collecting SIG Linkedin Page

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