About Us

ARANZ is an incorporated society, established in 1976, with the aim of promoting the understanding and importance of records and archives in New Zealand. ARANZ is administered nationally by a Council of elected members. Branches are established in Auckland, Canterbury, Central Districts, Otago/Southland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, and Wellington.

Our members include:
Archivists; record managers; librarians; and other information managers; genealogists; historians; teachers; museum and art gallery curators; religious groups; professional associations; historical societies; businesses; local and central government agencies; and many other interested in the preservation and use of archives and records.

 Library of Archived Scrolls

Aims Goals & Objectives

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To foster the care, preservation and use of archives and records, both to public and private, and their effective administration. 
  • To provide an authoritative voice on matters of concern relating to archives and records. 
  • To cooperate or affiliate with any other bodies in New Zealand or elsewhere with like objectives. 
  • To promote professional competence in the administration and preservation of archives and records; by providing advice to the appropriate authorities on levels and standards of professional education and training, and by promoting the training of archivists, records keepers, curators, librarians and others by the dissemination of specialised knowledge. 
  • To encourage research on the care, preservation and use of archives and records and to promote the publication of the results of this research. 
  • To promote the standing of archives institutions and those working with archives and records. 
  • To advise and support the establishment of archives services throughout New Zealand. 
  • To publish a journal and other publications in furtherance of these objectives.

Memorandum of Understanding with Australian Society of Archivists

During the recent ASA National Conference in Canberra on 17 October 2013, Kylie Percival, President of the ASA and Theresa Graham, President of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand (ARANZ) reaffirmed the long standing arrangements between the two organisations by signing a new Memorandum of Understanding.

The ASA and ARANZ recognise advantages in working more closely together, given the similarities between Australia and New Zealand on many levels including language, professional practice, age of the two associations, a shared experience as countries within the Commonwealth, and the common issues each association faces in taking the profession forwards. Informal communications exist in terms of networks, and in sharing ideas and experiences between practitioners. The ASA and ARANZ agree through the new Memorandum of Understanding to work together to strengthen ties for the benefit of these associations, their members, and the archival profession. It is hoped that the Memorandum of Understanding is a starting point for greater cooperation between the ASA and ARANZ.